Discourse Hosting Updating

FYI – I’m currently updating the Discourse hosting settings. There may be a brief down period as I’m switching domains and rerouting, but should be back up quickly hopefully without any interruption to anyone!

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Done making updates for tonight, but will be doing some more this weekend. In my endeavors into the customizations, I also found I can add emojis so enjoy these new additions :blush: (when you hover over them, it tells you their names)



Discourse might be down for a moment. Trying to fix some DNS issues real quick…

… and should be back up. Filing a support ticket for DNS failures on name change and now have the screenshots I need. Apologies for the momentary disruption!



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Unless it’s just me, it looks like https://yo.atxhs.org/ is down now. It loads but the threads aren’t updated and I cant open any of them. Not a huge issue, as long as people know that its asmbly.org now, but thought I’d mention it.

Bah, thank you @gordoa40. Let me change the redirects and see if that helps. I’ll check it in a clean browser this time.

Darn, couldn’t do a quick fix to get that working so reverted the changes. Will have to wait until I hear back from their support on how to add the additional hostname. Thanks for bringing to my attention @gordoa40!

OK, it really should work either way now – yo.atxhs.org or yo.asmbly.org

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