Digital Library?

So I came across a open source project called “calibre” and “calibre-web”.

In essence the calibre-web is a e-book library where you can upload and browse e-books on a local server.

I think it would be nice to have a repository of members e-books they would like to share with others, we already have a physical library in the lunchroom, but a virtual one would be cool too.

The legal concern. Sharing of e-books must be limited. The internet archive recently got sued for allowing unlimited downloads of books they didn’t have permissions too.

Calibre-web solution is to not allow downloads of e-books, restricting it to in browser viewing. And as a local server, it would only be accessible to those on-site. Thus limiting access, allowing it to be considered a library.

I came across this as one of the services in a project called “internet-in-a-box” an offline version of the internet for 3rd world countries without internet access that is hosted on a pi.

TLDR : Would the space have interest in having a localized e-book server. (That doesn’t allow downloads, and only accessible while onsite.)

(This would be more practical as the covid situation calms down)

[edit, list of books id be willing to contribute}

List of books
FileName Filetype FileSize Category
KerrJewelryCat2011 pdf 1.863 F:\E-Books\3D Printing
MAKE_3Dprinting2014_ pdf 22.674 F:\E-Books\3D Printing
MAKE_Ultimate_Guide_to_3D_Printing pdf 47.449 F:\E-Books\3D Printing
Mastering 3D Printing pdf 10.753 F:\E-Books\3D Printing
CompleteWorks of william shakespear epub 2.588 F:\E-Books_Stories
gospel_fsm_eng pdf 9.743 F:\E-Books_Stories
leothemakerprince_journeysin3dprinting pdf 33.14 F:\E-Books_Stories
MadCity_MichealArntfield pdf 6.914 F:\E-Books_Stories
What-Happened-When-We-All-Stopped-Lower-Resolution? pdf 0 F:\E-Books_Stories
Atmospheric_Monitoring_with_Arduino pdf 18.273 F:\E-Books\Arduino
Getting_Started_with_Arduino_Second_Edition pdf 6.747 F:\E-Books\Arduino
Make_Basic_Arduino_Projects pdf 126.827 F:\E-Books\Arduino
make_basicarduinoprojects_26experiments pdf 125.386 F:\E-Books\Arduino
How to build your own electric bicycle Version 1_2 pdf 4.81 F:\E-Books\Bicycles
Koo-Bikes_The-Riders-Checklist pdf 4.33 F:\E-Books\Bicycles
London Cyclist Bicycle Maintenance ebook pdf 2.131 F:\E-Books\Bicycles
patternmakingtips pdf 0.065 F:\E-Books\Casting
1000incrediblecosplayandcostumingidea pdf 90.795 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
advancedarmormaking_helmetsandpauldrons pdf 20.342 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
advancedlights_animatedleds pdf 19.036 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
advancedpainting_airbrushandweathering pdf 21.656 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
arobotsguideto_bondo pdf 5.502 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
arobotsguidetosanding_sanding pdf 2.669 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
artofextremewigstyling pdf 67.292 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
completephotoguidetoclothingconstruction pdf 48.949 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
completephotoguidetoperfectfitting pdf 45.81 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
cosplayhandbookabookofcosplayandpropmakingtechniques pdf 78.772 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
cosplaymakeuptipsandtricks pdf 37.297 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
fashionintechnology_adiyintrotosmartcrafting pdf 85.076 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
firsttimegarmentfitting pdf 91.085 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
firsttimesewing pdf 56.745 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
foamarmorfast pdf 3.386 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
foamsmith2_howtoforgefoamweapons pdf 9.148 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
foamsmith_howtocreatefoamarmorcostumes pdf 8.447 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
gettingstartedwithcosplay pdf 20.008 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
hand-dyed pdf 35.814 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
mendingmatters pdf 68.847 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
Painting_and_Weathering_unlocked pdf 9.758 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
sewing101revisedandupdated pdf 138.996 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
sewingknitsfromfittofinish pdf 21.097 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
sewingmachinemagic pdf 34.482 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
singernewsewingessentials pdf 50.537 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
singerthecompletephotoguidetosewing3rdedition pdf 61.686 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
steampunkandcosplayfashiondesignandillustration pdf 130.856 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
successfulserging pdf 39.127 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
tailoring pdf 76.996 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
thebookofcosplayphotography pdf 24.208 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
thebookoffoamarmor pdf 20.676 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
theheroscloset_sewingforcosplayandcostuming pdf 16.18 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
themoodguidetofabricandfashion pdf 24.084 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
thespoonflowerhandbook pdf 59.219 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
wigstylingforcosplay pdf 21.454 F:\E-Books\Cosplay
advancedpropmaking_creatinggunsandrifles zip 21.738 F:\E-Books\Cosplay\DownloadableMaterials
femalebreastplatearmorpattern zip 10.494 F:\E-Books\Cosplay\DownloadableMaterials
hornsarmorpattern zip 5.617 F:\E-Books\Cosplay\DownloadableMaterials
malebreastplatearmorpattern zip 15.906 F:\E-Books\Cosplay\DownloadableMaterials
shouldersarmorpattern zip 22.684 F:\E-Books\Cosplay\DownloadableMaterials
EMFFG pdf 64.141 F:\E-Books\Excercise
CropsAndMethodsForSoilImprovement pdf 0.678 F:\E-Books\Gardening
PreppersGardenHandbook_BethMcroberts pdf 1.426 F:\E-Books\Gardening
TheBackyardHomestead_CarleenMadigan pdf 16.055 F:\E-Books\Gardening
TheBackyardHomesteadGuidetoRaisingFarmAnimals_GailDamerow pdf 18.176 F:\E-Books\Gardening
TheForgottenSkillsofSelfSufficencyUsedBytheMormonPioneers_CalebWarnock pdf 9.779 F:\E-Books\Gardening
TheMiniFarmingBible_BrettLMarkham pdf 22.968 F:\E-Books\Gardening
AquaponicsGardening_SylviaBernstein pdf 5.466 F:\E-Books\Gardening\Aquaponics
FeedingTilapiaSPirulinaAlgea pdf 0.37 F:\E-Books\Gardening\Aquaponics
FertilzerRaisedSpirulinaMethods pdf 0.362 F:\E-Books\Gardening\Aquaponics
growthtech pdf 1.898 F:\E-Books\Gardening\Aquaponics
TheAquaponicFarmer_AdrianSouthern pdf 15.144 F:\E-Books\Gardening\Aquaponics
growthtech pdf 1.898 F:\E-Books\Gardening\Aquaponics\AlgeaGrowing
ConvertYourLawn pdf 0.608 F:\E-Books\Gardening\FoodPlanning
FitnessForGeeks pdf 64.141 F:\E-Books\Gardening\FoodPlanning
Planning_Navy_Meals pdf 2.681 F:\E-Books\Gardening\FoodPlanning
SpecialOperationNutrition pdf 3.825 F:\E-Books\Gardening\FoodPlanning
TropicalsubsistanceFarming pdf 3.928 F:\E-Books\Gardening\FoodPlanning
diycoffee pdf 1.667 F:\E-Books\Hobby
CubeSat Sales Brochure Publish 2.0 pdf 0.312 F:\E-Books\MakeSatelite
DIY_Comms_and_Control_for_Amateur_Space pdf 15.297 F:\E-Books\MakeSatelite
DIY_Instruments_for_Amateur_Space pdf 19.22 F:\E-Books\MakeSatelite
DIY_Satellite_Platforms pdf 17.651 F:\E-Books\MakeSatelite
make_rockets_downtoearthrocketscience pdf 188.067 F:\E-Books\MakeSatelite
Surviving_Orbit_the_DIY_Way pdf 43.117 F:\E-Books\MakeSatelite
Make_V05_WindGen_Project_F2 pdf 45.101 F:\E-Books\Power
Getting_Started_with_Raspberry_Pi-1 pdf 14.545 F:\E-Books\RaspberryPi
Learn_Raspberry_Pi_Programming pdf 13.102 F:\E-Books\RaspberryPi
make_gettingstartedwithraspberrypi_2ndedition pdf 35.188 F:\E-Books\RaspberryPi
1001factsthatwillscaretheshittoutofyou pdf 5.125 F:\E-Books\STEAM
architecture101 pdf 3.769 F:\E-Books\STEAM
bizarreworld pdf 3.101 F:\E-Books\STEAM
dadsbookofawesomescienceexperiments pdf 28.697 F:\E-Books\STEAM
everydayamazing pdf 23.733 F:\E-Books\STEAM
everythingstemhandbook pdf 5.106 F:\E-Books\STEAM
inthecompanyoftrees pdf 62.206 F:\E-Books\STEAM
natureistheworst pdf 13.743 F:\E-Books\STEAM
physicsofstarwars pdf 1.785 F:\E-Books\STEAM
scienceofmarvel pdf 2.839 F:\E-Books\STEAM
simpleactstosaveourplanet pdf 8.044 F:\E-Books\STEAM
starwarsvsstartrek pdf 2.069 F:\E-Books\STEAM
ultimaterobloxbookanunofficialguide pdf 6.576 F:\E-Books\STEAM
whatsyourstem pdf 2.784 F:\E-Books\STEAM
whydidntithinkofthat pdf 3.397 F:\E-Books\STEAM
100thingstoseeinthenightsky pdf 3.336 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Astronomy
100thingstoseeinthesouthernnightsky pdf 3.488 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Astronomy
astronomy101 pdf 3.739 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Astronomy
everythingastronomybook pdf 17.365 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Astronomy
factsfromspace pdf 25.431 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Astronomy
anatomy101 pdf 14.94 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Biology
dnaisyou pdf 2.626 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Biology
everythingguidetoanatomyandphysiology pdf 7.485 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Biology
genetics101 pdf 9.254 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Biology
make_electronics_learningbydiscovery pdf 39.996 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Electronics
Soldering_Ebook pdf 1.301 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Electronics
Make__Tools pdf 34.193 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace
make_schoolsoutsummerfunguide pdf 47.361 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace
Make_Science_Laboratory_PDF pdf 19.699 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace
Make_V03_Welding_Primer_F2 pdf 5.41 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace
Make_Workshop-and-Tool-Guide_2010 pdf 39.54 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace
makerspace-in-a-box-list pdf 0.71 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace
Makerspace_Workbench pdf 21.14 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace
makingmakers_kidstoolsandfutureofinnovation pdf 88.998 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace
makingsimplerobots_exploringcuttingedgerobotics pdf 55.626 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace
tinkering_kidslearnbymakingstuff pdf 20.44 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace
Workshop_Mastery_with_Jimmy_DiResta pdf 230.935 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace
zerotomaker_learntomakeanything pdf 21.061 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace
If you makerspace, they will come - San Antonio Express-News pdf 1.843 F:\E-Books\STEAM\MakerSpace\10BitWorks
make_42-dl pdf 156.437 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Makezine
make_makerprojectsguide pdf 62.553 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Makezine
make_technologyonyourtime_vol20 pdf 28.356 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Makezine
make_technologyonyourtime_vol41 pdf 34.095 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Makezine
make_v24 pdf 27.896 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Makezine
makevol34-dl pdf 26.38 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Makezine
thebestofmake pdf 112.473 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Makezine
everythingeverydaymathbook pdf 4.418 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Mathematics
everythingguidetoalgebra pdf 8.362 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Mathematics
everythingguidetopre-algebra pdf 2.591 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Mathematics
mathgeek pdf 4.439 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Mathematics
statistics101 pdf 7.939 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Mathematics
weather101 pdf 10.908 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Meterology
advancedrobloxcodingbookanunofficialguide pdf 7.111 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming
everythingkidsscratchcodingbook pdf 19.554 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming
Getting_Started_with_Processing pdf 7.751 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Processing
automatetheboringstuffwithpython_2e pdf 14.402 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
blackhatpython pdf 6.872 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
crackingcodeswithpython pdf 8.377 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
grayhatpython pdf 3.693 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
impracticalpythonprojects pdf 9.693 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
inventyourowncomputergameswithpython pdf 12.339 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
mathadventureswithpython pdf 20.808 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
missionpython pdf 10.443 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
Python2-Syntax pdf 3.151 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
pythoncrashcourse2ndedition pdf 7.248 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
pythonflashcards pdf 1.077 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
pythonflashcards_ebook zip 0.825 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
pythonforkids_1490905401 pdf 14.975 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
pythonplayground_geekyprojectsforthecuriousprogrammer pdf 12.384 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
seriouspython pdf 4.952 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
teachyourkidstocode_1490913058 pdf 16.027 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Programming\Python
everythingguidetothehumanbrain pdf 3.538 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Pyschology
everythingpsychology pdf 2.834 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Pyschology
psych101 pdf 5.812 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Pyschology
psychexperiments pdf 2.396 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Pyschology
Atmospheric_Monitoring_with_Arduino pdf 18.273 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Radio
DIY_Comms_and_Control_for_Amateur_Space pdf 15.297 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Radio
Make__Tools pdf 34.193 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Tools
Make_Science_Laboratory_PDF pdf 19.699 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Tools
Make_V03_Welding_Primer_F2 pdf 5.41 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Tools
Make_Workshop-and-Tool-Guide_2010 pdf 39.54 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Tools
makerspace-in-a-box-list pdf 0.71 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Tools
Makerspace_Workbench pdf 21.14 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Tools
Painting-and-Weathering-by-Volpin-Props pdf 10.887 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Tools
patternmakingtips pdf 0.065 F:\E-Books\STEAM\Tools
Georgia GuideStones pdf 0.608 F:\E-Books\Survival
TheBackyardHomesteadGuidetoRaisingFarmAnimals_GailDamerow pdf 18.176 F:\E-Books\Survival\AnimalHusbandry
AquaponicsGardening_SylviaBernstein pdf 5.466 F:\E-Books\Survival\Aquaponics
TheAquaponicFarmer_AdrianSouthern pdf 15.144 F:\E-Books\Survival\Aquaponics
DoomsdayBunkerBook_BenJakob pdf 1.33 F:\E-Books\Survival\Bunker
105 Varieties PDF Guide pdf 4.827 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening
ConvertYourLawn pdf 0.608 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening
CropsAndMethodsForSoilImprovement pdf 0.678 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening
PreppersGardenHandbook_BethMcroberts pdf 1.426 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening
TheBackyardHomestead_CarleenMadigan pdf 16.055 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening
TheForgottenSkillsofSelfSufficencyUsedBytheMormonPioneers_CalebWarnock pdf 9.779 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening
TheMiniFarmingBible_BrettLMarkham pdf 22.968 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening
TropicalsubsistanceFarming pdf 3.928 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening
Planning_Navy_Meals pdf 2.681 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening\MealPlanning
SpecialOperationNutrition pdf 3.825 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening\MealPlanning
FarmEnginesAndHowToRunThem epub 0.291 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening\waiting
FarmGardeningWithHintsOnCheapManure epub 0.074 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening\waiting
FarmingWithDynamite epub 0.444 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening\waiting
FoodGuideForWarServiceAtHome epub 0.054 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening\waiting
GardenAndForestJournalOfHorticaulture1988 epub 0.071 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening\waiting
SoilCulture epub 0.295 F:\E-Books\Survival\Gardening\waiting
Make_V05_WindGen_Project_F2 pdf 45.101 F:\E-Books\Survival\OffGrid
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It might be good to move that list to a pastebin or something along those lines since it will kinda obstruct the flow of this thread.

On this topic of digital libraries, there’s another interesting option, Zotero, which can be backed by a Nextcloud server providing WebDAV storage.

However the ultimate question is really redistribution/reproduction rights. I suspect a lot of this is in a gray area of legality where it’s assumed as long as you aren’t loudly making profits off things you shouldn’t, you can get away with it even if it’s not strictly permissible.

It would be nice to have a library/collection of Creative Commons-esque licensed things to where this wouldn’t be much of an concern.

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[Good point, I went ahead and hid it in a summary so its only seen if somebodies interested.]

yeah, the legal aspect is kind of where things are uncertain.

I’m thinking its fine if you:

  • Nobody is making money on it
  • Nobody is able to make copies of it
  • The book was legally purchased / public domain

Since public libraries don’t have to have permission from a publisher to host a book, but e-books run the risk of being copied which is where the legal concern comes from. So any “Digital library” must prevent duplication or downloading of the books.

If your interested in creative commons books, look up they have 60k + books that have been digitized for free viewing, there is a .zim file you can download (50 gigs) of all the books they have, (the .zim file is viewable in software like kiwix)

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I’m pretty sure any copyright holder would consider “in-browser viewing” to be a form of download.

I think there’d be a lot of value in a well-curated collection of distributable educational works. I know there’s a lot of CC and similarly licensed material floating around the web, but there’s also a lot of crap. I had half a notion that the class pages on the wiki should link to beginning reference/howto info online that’s relevant to the class syllabus. If we hosted that kind of content ourselves, it would require less maintenance long-term.

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So looks like libraries that offer e-book lending do have to enter negotiations with publishers to be able to offer the books up.

So yeah sadly it looks like if we were to do a digital library itd have to be limited to public domain or creative commons works.

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I love this idea.
There’s so much in public domain! I wish Lost Art Press was public domain…
I agree, I think the class pages on the Wiki would be great places to link to howto documents, and hosting docs ourselves would be better long-term. Dir of Education @drew was on vacation until Monday (motorcycle trip through NM! #amazing) but I want to loop him into this conversation!