Delta dust collector emptying

Hey guys. I was at the shop last night using the planer. I didn’t realize until after it was already full, but the dust collection bag filled up. I was alone and I tried to figure out how to remove and empty/ replace the bag, but wasn’t sure on it. Sorry to leave it full like that. Next time I’m there with others, I’ll ask about how to clear the bag properly.



We emptied it last night, I learned how to do it for the first time. Theres a flexible metal and felt band that the bag is folded over that fits into the metal ring on the dust collector. Its a little tricky but just compress the inside metal band and it should come right in and out


Whoops, I missed that in the wood shop class. But yes, what Keegan said there is a metal loop at the top of the bag and if you push it in the bag should pop out. Getting it back in is the tricky part, but it’s doable. Sorry about that!

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