Defective machine process

In a recent thread, someone was about to use the jointer and then noticed a sticker – bright orange against red – that said “DEFECTIVE”. Please get those out of the shop by, say, handing them to a 16-year old to decorate their locker. A sticker is not a part of the defective machine process, which is:

  • Notify the workshop team by posting to YO
  • Tape a large, clear, unmissable out of order note, stating also that the workshop team was notified.
  • Coil up the cord to the machine, tape over its plug, and tape it to the machine next to the note.

Although I believe that process is posted in the sign listing shop rules, it deserves its own prominent sign next to a roll of tape and a sharpie. We can acquire the tape and sharpie – would someone like to volunteer to make that sign?

One other step – once the problem is resolved, edit the title of the post to say ‘[RESOLVED]’ or reply to the post and request that a moderator change the subject.

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