December 4 work day and tool maintenance

I would like to sign up for the 12/4 workday. How do I do that? Last time i believe there was an email but I am not sure because at my age I cant remember sh(*&. Also, I would be interested in a tool maintenance/ detailed operation class. Especially with all the new machines I would be more comfortable in using them. I try to be considerate of maintaining and not abusing the machines but I have my limitations on calibrating and adjusting settings, blades and set ups. It may be helpful to create a resource or catalog of machine manuals or how to videos to help members calibrate or adjust machines. Also, do you think it would be beneficial to build a down draft sanding table to cut down on fine dust in the shop. I noticed that if more than one member is sanding a project it creates allot of surplus dust. What do you think? Also, I would like to personally thank Charles for all his hard work in building the new tool centers. Thank you, Charles.
I am excited for the future of Asmbly. I have met the best and most interesting people.
Stanley D


Hi Stanley
I’ll reach out to you separately from this. Thanks for volunteering.

You will be the last of the volunteers, for the time being. We have over a half dozen new folks joining the stewards. I need to continue getting the stewards process going, as well as get a maintenance program going.

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What time do we need to show for the 12/4 workday?

Duh! I just answered my own question. I will be there at 8 am. Looking forward to helping and meeting other members.

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:joy: no worries @Stanley! I just updated the top of this post about the member work day so it’s more clear. Looking forward to meeting you!