Dallas Makerspace - DFW Retro Computer 23 Oct Meetup Followup

Went to the Dallas Makerspace to participate in the DFW Retro Computer Meetup, it’s the first in person since COVID. Was pretty interesting, there was a company there who did fluid dynamics that got bought out by NVidia so they were giving away their SGI computers from the beginning of the company (I was too late to get one :). There was a lot of interest in my soviet computers and calculators. Even met somebody who had a BK-0011 like mine. Maybe we’ll get both of them working…

The local Central Texas Commodore User Group went and did a demo of the wireless modem that we’ve developed over the last several years.

Dallas Makerspace – https://dallasmakerspace.org/
DFW Retrocomputing – https://www.meetup.com/DFW-Retrocomputing/
Central Texas Commodore User Group (CTCUG) – Central Texas Commodore Users Group (Round Rock, TX) | Meetup

Calculator 3000 - Soviet calculator emulation – Calculators 3000
Elektronika MK-90 Emulator – MK-90 emulator
Elektronika BK-0011 Computer Emulator – Elektronika BK0010/BK0011 - Downloads - Emulators
CTCUG Wireless Modem (it’s been considerably expanded since this page was last updated) – http://coffeemud.net:8080/ctcug/index.php/C64Net_Wireless_Internet_(WiFi)_Modem


CRT monitors. There’s a blast from the past.

Although, I’m jealous of the amount of space. That looks like 3-4x our size.

Very cool Jim.
Thanx for sharing the images