Dado’s on Sawstop

I am planning on cutting several 1/4” dado’s for some simple Quarter,Quarter,Quarter drawers out of 1/2” Baltic birch.

Are the ASMBLY dado blades decent, or should I expect to bring a set of my own 8” dado blades? If my own, what is the arbor size? (I did not see that listed in the manual)

While I have read the cartridge clearance posts and the manual on changing out to the Dado cartridge, is there anything tricky to be aware of?


Our old dado blades in the wooden box are crap, but I recall a new set being found somewhere recently. Not sure where it’s located or if it’s available. For 1/4", I’m not sure if you even need any chippers, so maybe the set that we have is fine. It could definitely use a good sharpening though.If you have your own set, I’d definitely recommend bringing it. I think arbor size is pretty standard in America, at 5/8". As far as tricks, it’s not too complicated but you definitely have to set the cartridge clearance correctly so that it can stop the blades if required. Also, make sure you use the right cover for the top of the table saw – if you’re doing any miters. I think we have some of those zero clearance inserts that have already been used with dados, so no need to use a fresh one if theres one that’ll work.

Thanks. Perhaps I will buy a new set and donate to ASMBLY.


@niccumec :heart: Be sure to email if you do so we can provide a donation receipt! Thank you for considering donating! :heartpulse: