Cutting PCB with Dremmel

Is there a dremmel at the space I could use to cut this PCB board? And is it okay to cut pcb at one of the woodshop tables?
Screenshot 2023-10-06 121047

People asked about a dremel recently and @heymarii mentioned having one she could loan, but there was never consensus on the thread on whether or what to buy if Asmbly were to purchase one. So in terms of tools Asmbly owns, we do not have a Dremel but are open to purchasing one.

I’m not a fan of cutting glass loaded resin without some good dust control.

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A couple of thoughts. A cordless dremel type tool would keep from having to find a drop or extension cord.
Might want to look a flex shaft hanging motor tool like Foredom, or knock-off. Sever different varieties, reverse rotation, speeds etc. Foot switch and other accessories. I’d see if we have any jeweler members to consult. Big improvement over dremel, not too expensive. Maybe both …

Also, what about putting a small work screen over the sanding table, or a small dust tent that hooks up to a shop vac for containing “unwanted” dust from some materials.

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I’m also interested in cutting and sanding glass but haven’t done anything because I want to make sure I have the right ventilation. Is there a best practices for managing these particles?
I saw this dust collector online and thought it could be something I could donate to the electronics room if everyone thinks it could do the job safely.

60W Dust Collector Fan Vacuum Cleaner Strong Power Dental Lab Nail Art Manicure Dust Clean Tool

Curious, what do you mean by “sanding glass”? As in cutting and polishing the edge? Or actually sanding the surface to make it opaque? To polish the edge normally is done with a diamond wheel that has to be run with water as both lubricant and coolant. The water traps the dust/glass particles so the logic is that there is no airborne particles so there is no need for dust collection. This tequnique is used on stained glass. The glass grinders have sleeves that also trap and keep the overspray on the table/reservoir. The tequnique can be also used to polish edges of wine, liquor, or other kinds of glass bottles even though there is a specialty flat grinder for that. Cutting glass does not produce dust if done with a glass cutter. It only produces small chips so using a waffle grid board would be a good idea but any surface will do just use gloves and a paper towel to keep he area clean. I have used the glass grinder in the textile, electronics, and woodshop more than once to do some stained glass pieces. A sample is hanging on the board up front (small white little angel). I picked the textile and electronics place mainly because of the AC and solitude.

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I need to remove the threads from a specific bottle so I’m hoping a grinder or dremel will help to remove the threads and polish. Is there a glass grinder at ASMBLY or could you recommend a brand of a good one for me to pick up?

Not sure which grinder is better now days. I bought mine two decades ago, a Glastar II. It was pricey back then but it has worked all this time. I dont think there is one at ASMBLY. I dont think the quality of the grinder matters much if is not going to be used over a long time. Not sure how much material you need to remove. You have two options cut off the excess if you can and then polish the edge. Or grind off the excess but if us over 1/8" you have to be patient and may take a little while. You can start with a coarse (60 grit wheel) and once you get close switch to a fine grit to get a nice smooth edge. If you get a hold of me I let you use mine. I dont think i have all the grit wheels, but I do have a coarse and fine one for sure. The learning curve is very low, very safe machine.

Dremel 8250 is a very good battery powered model

Glass generally needs a diamond cutter, which requires a steady flow of water coolant to avoid burning the cutter and also carry away the debris

Hi! I’m going to pm you.

We have a glass grinder used for stained glass work. It uses water to cool the wheel and glass plus it keeps the dust down. The grinder is located in the Electronics Room in a large plastic container.


Thank you!