Cutting fabric with lasers

Hi, can I cut neoprene or other fabrics on the laser? Thanks!

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I don’t have a quick answer for this one. All neoprene is, by definition, polymerized chloroprene.

Chloroprene is C4H5Cl, whereas the dreaded PVC is C2H3Cl. The Cl is chlorine which is prohibited as it produces highly corrosive HCl when burned away by the laser.

But plenty of sources online say neoprene cuts fine on a laser. I don’t see how there would be any neoprene which is chlorine-free as, by definition, it’s chloroprene. There’s chlorine-free foams such as NBR foam that are superficially similar to neoprene but aren’t that. “Laser safe vinyl” isn’t actually vinyl at all.

So, not quick answer