Cutting curves in metal

Possibly a stupid question, but is there a way to cut curved slots in metal in the shop? I have a circular metal plate, and I’d like to end up with something like these:

It seems like this might be something you could do on the mill, but I’m not sure where to start.

Asmbly has a rotary table for the mill available for these types of features. I was checking it out just last week and took this picture.


Yep, the rotary table on the mill is absolutely what you need here. Talk to me about setup, or look for a good YouTube video on the subject.

And of course, the Tormach could easily do such a pattern.

Ah, sweet! I totally missed that last time I was in the metal shop. I’ll look up some stuff on Youtube, and reach out if I have any trouble. :slight_smile:

Do we have classes on Tormach? I’m brand new to metalworking overall, but would love to learn how to work with it.

+1 I would sign up for all of the Tormach classes

There was a Tormach class held last week. It has two prerequisites, Intro to Milling and Tormach Part 1: Fusion CAM. Intro to Milling is on the calendar regularly, but we generally wait for enough demand to schedule Fusion CAM. If you sign up for email notifications on that page, you’ll be pinged when we add a session to the calendar.