Cutting bulky cabinets on the band saw


I need to make a rather awkward cut on the band saw. Has anyone used a sliding jig or have any experience doing something similar?

Hi Jeremy, some more details might be useful… Does it definitely need to be the band saw?

Hi Enoch, Not definitely, but I’m pretty certain that would be the best course of action.

I’m wanting to lob off the top of this cabinet at the angle where the penciled lines are.

I’m still debating if it’s worth attempting or not.

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I feel like this would be cumbersome to cut on the bandsaw. I feel like I would cut it close with a jigsaw then refine the lines to straight by clamping a piece of wood as a straight-line guide and flush-cutting with a router? I don’t know how you need it cut with the two lines on the face that look like they need to angle back. Are both of those lines being cut?

If this wasn’t glued together for whatever reason, disassembly would be the easiest solution, but that may be wishful thinking on my end.

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I see what you mean about the band saw being likely best, but I do think Drew is on to something with suggesting a handheld saw. Even if you can’t clean it up with a router because of the angles, there’s always a filing.

For band saw, it definitely would still be unwieldy, so possibly not worth it, but I think you could pull it off by making a sled to ride in the miter slot that had a lip so that you could tilt the table and the lip would hold the work from falling off.

For a one time use this wouldn’t be too hard to make… Screw a slider to the bottom of a board and then once you’re at the table you clamp or screw another board on top for the fence/lip, making sure it’s parallel to the blade. For the next cut, move the top board as needed.

There’s that roller stand that has the flip up flat surface that might also be helpful in this pursuit

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Thanks, Drew & Enoch, I hadn’t thought about a jigsaw. The two sides need to be exactly the same so that’s why I’m leaning toward the bandsaw. The two lines represent two different angles. The front face would be at the 45-degree angle, then another cut and that shallower angle for the rest of the piece. I think I’ll make a jig, see how easy it would be to maneuver, and go from there.

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Tracksaw might be another good option.

You could possibly rough cut it on the band saw then refine that cut on the edge sander as the head tilts from the standard 90 degrees to flat with the bed.

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