CutList Optimizer: Get the most from your stock


Our friends over at Workshop Buddy have a really great tool and gave Asmbly a pro account (it just lets you save projects, but otherwise all the same features). They used to show their performance against other cut optimizer tools including this one on their about page, but looks like they’ve changed that page and don’t include that anymore. It was pretty interesting comparing the efficiency, this is not a simple math problem!

I like that Workshop Buddy lets you choose how you want to optimize in a bunch of different ways including max efficiency, rip cuts, or cross cuts. Also takes both sheet and linear material as input. I spoke with the developer a while back and mentioned to him how amazing this would be for laser cutting with less straightforward shapes. He was very interested in working on that problem! Very nice developer.


Oh wow and what an honor, our friend over at WorkshopBuddy joined our forum! Welcome @workshopbuddy Jon! Did I mention there’s a phone app for it as well :awesome:

Thanks Valerie, what a welcome!

I was trying to post a link to the benchmarks if anyone is interested but I don’t think I’m allowed to, will ping you an email.

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Thanks! Yeah our Discourse is set up with trust levels to earn the ability to post links. It’s a protection against spammers but can sometimes get in the way.

Here’s the benchmark page for anyone interested! I thought it was really impressive and interesting. comparison | WorkshopBuddy

People may not realize it but these are actually very complex math problems and finding the best solution in a reasonable amount of time is not simple. Really cool that apps like this are out there to help us get the most out of materials!

@workshopbuddy Welcome!