Custom Toy Hauler

I bought a custom trailer to make into an offroad toy hauler and then my wife and I had injuries that put a stop to our kayaking and backpacking (we both have shoulder issues). So, we sold off the kayaks and are starting to let go of some of our camping gear we don’t think we will ever use again. With these changes, I don’t really need a heavy duty, airconditioned, double torsion axel cargo trailer, so it will also be going up for sale soon. It is 20 feet by 7 feet wide and my F150 pulls it easily. I removed the kayak bunks, but left in the shelves I built in the nose. It is a mostly blank slate at this point, but ready for buildout. If anyone is interested, let me know. I have the build specs available - tons of upgrades. I paid right at 13K for it two years ago and it hasn’t left my property. I’ll selling for 10K.


I never sold this and now I’ve pretty much decided to build it out as a camper. I have a long to do list with it and lots of questions. Is the SIG going to meet this month?