Custom sewing project

I need a fabric shroud for my CNC so the vacuum and water lines can move around and follow the gantry. I have a canvas drop cloth that will be sufficient for the job and I have sew-on Velcro.

I need someone with a sewing machine able to stitch it together.

Contact me at We can figure out how to drop off and pick up the project


Do you currently have the lines ziptied or otherwise bound together? Also, is your application one where a cable chain would be appropriate.

If your are using water/coolant in your CNC … I do have a suggestion to avoid using canvas unless it’s the coated and water resistant type. It will tend to collect water and dust which can lead to mold and other unpleasant and hard to clean issues.

Last thing – since I do have a sewing machine but not an industrial one – what’s the thickness of the canvas and the overall dimensions of the tube you want to make? If it’s a relatively smaller diameter and length, I might be able to help.

Hi Martin

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I have a box “shroud” of a 2020 aluminum frame and Masonite panels. Two doors for access. My CNC will live inside the shroud to contain the dust.

I have a water cooled spindle that needs two water lines, suspended from above, and a 2" vacuum hose I’ll bundle together and suspend with a bungee to give it freedom to move around with the spindle as it traverses the CNC bed (28" x 36").

I want a fabric funnel shaped piece (like a teepee) that I can secure to the top of the Masonite box. I’ll reinforce the frame with a plywood circle at the bottom side with Velcro. The top of the teepee could be zip tied or Velcroed around the vacuum hose and water lines. I was anticipating using Velcro on the vertical seam that allows me to install and remove it as needed.

Teepees are basically a half circle of fabric. Just works out that way. The bottom seam (at the circumference) would be about 7 feet long. I’ll staple the “other” part of the Velcro to the plywood circle. The part where they come together I’m guessing would be 3 feet long and that requires both hook and loop parts of the Velcro. I need to consult professor Google for the precise geometry.

That’s the project.

Thanks for your reply Martin


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Oh, that seems simple enough.

Hi Martin

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I found a design that did not use fabric and I think will last much monger and work better actually.

Thank you for you interest in helping out. Next project…

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