Cross cut stop block for table saw fence

I made one of these a year or two ago, and it has since disappeared. Here’s another. Labeled this time. I put MicroJig Clamp on it, rather than Match Fit jig. MicroJig owns the Match Fit brand, but for you persnickety people…

Block, and block installed.

When you want to to a long cross cut, like for cabinet doors or door frames, and you can’t fit an end stop on the sled, you can put this on the table saw fence, using said clamp. Add .75 to your dimension reading on the fence scale. This is MDF, so is a true 0.75 inches (I checked). The Match Fit clamp stays out of the way.

If you are not familiar with this, you should be familiar with the bad idea of using just the fence as a measure for cross cuts. Your off cut piece can get trapped between the fence and the back of the blade. Since there won’t be any room for the board move, the blade can launch it right at your face.

With this block, you mount it on the fence in front of the blade (towards you). Adjust fence setting for your desired length, plus 0.75 inches. Set your workpiece on the sled (or miter gage), and run it against the block. When you slide toward the blade, your workpiece runs clear of the block, and has a 0.75 inch gap to the fence. The offcut is not trapped, and kickback possibilities are greatly reduced.


Another great addition to the sawstop jig collection. Thank you Charlie!