"Credit" for completed courses?

Achievement unlocked: I am now officially certified to use some tools that can remove my fingers in a fraction of a second. Thanks Adam for a great wood shop class this morning.

Does ASMBLY track completion of prerequisite classes in my membership profile somehow? Can I “prove” that I’ve taken a particular course, or would I ever need to?



Neon (our membership management system) keeps a record of all events you register for. We have a few integrations we’ve built to put flags in the system for certain items being completed, but we haven’t had the bandwidth to build that out further for machines and classes. It’s definitely doable, but not quite there. With the new door system we are working on getting set up, the dream of having “swipe” access to machines that you need clearance on to use is not so far fetched (albeit still a lot of money and work so not happening anytime soon :joy: ).

Anyway, short answer - having the event records has been our go to for checking so far. :slight_smile:

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