Creating a new circuit board to attach two different machines through software

Hello Asmbly team,

New member here. I am looking for an electrical engineer who would want to redesign a drive board for a filament spooling machine, and connect it with any Arduino, or something of the likes, to a filament measuring tool using software.

Shoot me an email at if this sounds like an interesting project you’d like to help me out with!

Sounds quite interesting. I am quite sure it is doable. I am quite busy these days to actually work on it on my own but if you want I can help you with some part of the project.

Here is my filament presence and jam detection tool I made using an optical sensor.

I suppose your project would be something similar to this one.

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I was looking through and it does seem to be quite similar! Please let me know of a few times you’d be free for a call to go over where I am at on it, and discuss next steps.

Thank you for reaching out on here. Looking forward to hearing your advice!

No problem
I will send you an email with my contact as I don’t want to post it in a public forum.

Sounds good.