Crazing Acrylic

Has anyone else run into an issue with acrylic crazing caused by thermal and mechanical stresses or exposure to chemicals? I have.

And I’ve been wanting to do something about it for a while. The fix is an anneal step added after cutting acrylic on the laser. A large toaster oven could be retrofitted with precise temperature control and serve this purpose nicely. Just heat the acrylic on a flat clean surface and then slowly cool it. How hard could it be?

This is high on my list of projects right now. If there is any need or other interest I could host.


Is that extruded or cast acrylic?

I’m not exactly sure if the acrylic is cast or extruded. I’ve been working from some old stock and one piece of unknown material. I’m guessing it may be extruded which would make sense because it’s cheaper and has better dimensional control for the mechanical fit I need. I’ll have to try etching the material to see if I can identify the type (a frostier, whiter and more uniform etch with cast acrylic).

I also need to buy some new sheets of both types of acrylic and figure out if an anneal oven if really needed. Thanks Danny. You may have saved me from going down an unnecessary rabbit hole.

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