Couple metal shop newbie questions

Used the plasma cutter on my own today for the first time after James class and I feel pretty good about it! Just wanted to thank Eric for his hospitality (and I think I ran over my time slot and he was super gracious, so thanks for that too!).

Couple quick questions if anyone wouldn’t mind weighing in!

– Savannah had some metal files in the safety class I saw, but I didn’t find them in the metal shop. Any hints on where they might be?

– Just curious if anyone could advise on what is a reasonable height above the welding table to be doing plasma cutting. In the welding/plasma cutting class, we generally just did cuts overhanging the edge of the table. For some bigger cuts I’m thinking about, it would be more convenient to have the material over the table itself. If I propped the corners up using 123 or 246 blocks from the tool chests, could that be ok?

– Eric suggested I might use a die grinder to clean up some cuts. I’ve never used one and started looking into it. I’m used to using sanding drums with a Dremel (smaller scale), but it looks maybe like people tend to use flap discs (vs sanding drums) with die grinders. Is that right? Any obvious pros/cons to flap discs on metal vs sanding drums?

– I am going to think about getting myself a die grinder - just curious if someone could point me to the type of air connection the shop has. Just want to make sure whatever I might get I’ll be able to hook to the air hose in the shop.

Thanks everyone!

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The metal files are in the red toolbox, in the top section I think. Small tool positions are still in flux, so I haven’t labeled drawers yet.

Also, 123 blocks are precision items; they are absolutely not for just propping items up. There’s plenty of scrap metal and wood for that.

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They are in the top drawer of the large red tool box. The drawer is ki d of hard to see.

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Plasma cutting over a table really isn’t advisable. You want the slag to fall onto the ground and not onto a table where it can spread out or bounce around.

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