Countersink holes on Laser?

Wondering if anyone has already figured out a technique for making a countersunk screw hole with the lasers.

I’m working with acrylic, so I think it’d be possible to make a set of concentric rings around my cut hole with varying power settings to get progressively deeper and thus approximate a countersink.

Anyone try something this before?

Personally i would just get a proper countersink bit to do the job.

In theory countersinking on the laser would be possible, however i dont know if its something the default software could do reliably.

came across this one tutorial for coreldraw that talks about gradients, but im not sure if our software is able to handle a graidiant style etcing ->

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You could use the laser to cut the pilot holes, making it easier for a counter-sink drill.

Yes of course. I’m trying to see if I can avoid the extra step of drilling 4x countersinks in tens of panels.

I think it should be workable, but you’ll have to experiment a bit.

You could either do radial gradients and raster them, or plot a decreasing-radius spiral (so more passes overlap the closer you get to the hole). I suspect the spiral would be faster but trickier to fine-tune for shape.

Edit: here’s an example of a raster countersink