Contributing to wiki

What’s the process to contribute to the wiki? I’m signed in, but don’t have permissions to edit (though I’m a newer member as well, in case that has anything to do with it).

Would like to add some basic things like linking manuals for some of the tools (like for instance Chop Saws - Asmbly Wiki).

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Unless I broke the permission settings, any registered user who has a paid or comped account in Neon should have permission to edit non-policy wiki pages (I.e. just about all of them).

You’re not in the “Makers” discourse group so I’d bet your discourse handle isn’t in your neon record (or isn’t correct). I manually scrub those from time to time; we don’t currently have a realtime link manager at the moment

Feel free to link the Dewalt abrasive saw manual. Don’t bother with the Evolution; it’s being removed from service almost immediately.

Gotcha, thanks. I’m not sure how to link discourse with my Neon record, but I do have the same email associated with both accounts, and recently renewed my membership.

I’ll take care of linking them at some point today, so you should have access by tomorrow.

Thanks for volunteering!