Considering hosting my CR-30

I got a kick starter CR-30 aka Naomi Wu 3D Print Mill and was never able to get it reliable.

Is there interest from the more experienced stewards to play around with this thing? I have no interest in selling it right now but I also don’t have the time to work on improving it.

For those unaware and not willing to Google this is an infinite Z belt printer based on the White Knight and Black Belt printers. It’s a Core XY that prints at a 45 degree angle onto a conveyor belt. Naomi cut ties with Creality over the poor quality of the production devices, most have warped beds and are difficult to tune. Mine is no exception.

@Devmani @HannaKessler ??

I haven’t worked with this exact model. I am honestly not sure it really matches our use case as a makerspace. It has a fairly large footprint and is more intended for batch production or for printing “infinite Z” prints like swords. Very cool printer though. Just can’t think of where it would really fit into our existing lineup of printers.

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This would be really cool for cosplay props, ngl. Not sure what specialized cases it can really be used for outside of that.

Theyre useful for batch processing and running 24/7 because once it finishes one part it just moves onto the next and they eventually eject at the end of the bed into a bucket.

We wouldn’t be likely to sign a hosting agreement for a project piece – the way forward with this (if that’s what the 3D stewards want) would be for somebody to fix / tune / figure-out the printer outside Asmbly, then arrange hosting when it’s in good working order.


My only chime-in is that we don’t have the space to utilize a printer like this to its full capability, and like what Jon said as stewards we shouldn’t take on a printer that needs some care before being hosted.