Compressing a wire terminal?

Do we have a tool at ASMBLY or maybe this is something the hydraulic press can do?
I just need to make 2 ends so didn’t want to buy a $100 tool.

Planning on sautering them after they are crimped.

Danny has something talk to him.

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Yep I got the tool for that. Crimped similar high current terminals on Tarkin.


Ok hey don’t solder those after crimping. They’re designed for crimp only. Heatshrink them with the stuff you have in the background they’ll be fine.


Sounds good! Let me know if I can come use that tool sometime this weekend

Did y’all figure this out? I have a tools that can do this as well and I am close to the maker space. I can’t do weekends but anytime during the week pretty much.

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Thanks Bryan!

Danny’s tool only went to 0 gauge and I need just a bit larger at 1/0.

Anyway, I figured it out.