[COMPLETE] Welding Curtains

We have three new mobile welding curtains that need to be assembled. Valerie thinks they might be useful for partitions during the Maker Market, so we’d like to go ahead. You’d need to assemble the pipe frame, put on the casters, and attach the curtain around its perimeter. The box should have the instructions and (hopefully) everything you need. The boxes are currently in the loft immediately to the right of the stairs, on top of the spare wires and hoses; they should be pretty obvious.

Put one or more together, leave them by the existing curtains in the welding area. and let us know so we can thank you!


I got two of the frames made, but the plastic curtains still need to be attached with zip ties. The curtains and the zip ties are on the table in the metal shop general area (between the machine shop and the welding area). The third one is still in the box in the loft. One set screw for the roller assembly of each screen seems to have been broken off (looks like a flaw), but they are functioning without the set screw. Just be careful moving them the base might come loose from the wheel assembly if you pick them up. I don’t know if I will be back in to finish assembling them or not. Feel free to take over where I left off.


And he finished them. Many thanks to Eric!


I guess this project is complete?

Yes, just updated the title, thanks for helping close the loop @Cyrus (and for looking for projects to help with :slight_smile: )

@Cyrus, do you know how to drill and tap holes in thin material? There might be an update / repair you could do on them.