[COMPLETE] Safety Glasses Shelves Needed

I need to get some shelves for safety glasses made for the metal shop. I want the same design as the safety glass shelves in the woodshop tool rack, except that I want two single shelves rather than one double shelf.

These were obviously done on the laser, so somebody probably has the design files around, and any thin wood available will do. Put a flat back piece on, then I will figure out how and where to hang them. Thanks!

They might have also been made using the boxes generator at https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/ ?

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Yep. I bet they they were designed on Festi.

Great! Then hopefully someone can do that again.

I’m happy to do it.
Dimensions the same, or bigger?

The same would be fine. Thank you!

I have made the shelves for the safety glasses. (still need to tweak a few things). Do you need a French cleat for hanging it, or what system are you using to hang the shelf?

Mike Voigt

A French Cleat would be helpful. Festi.info has a French Cleat option for many of their designs.

A flat back would be fine. No need for the extra moving part of a French cleat.

Sounds good. The shelves are made from 5 mm plywood (~0.2 in). This includes the back, which is finger-jointed into the sides. Same as the existing shelves in the wood shop.

Can I leave one for you to look at and see if they meet your needs. If so, where should I leave it?
Alternatively, I could meet you at the space to show you and discuss. I am there for the metal shop safety class tomorrow morning, and will also be there on Monday mid-morning/afternoon. Let me know what you think.

I might make it up there briefly tonight, but otherwise I won’t be back in until Wednesday or Thursday. You can put it one of the shelves inside the machine shop cabinet. That sounds fine.

Sounds good. As it turns out, I will only be able to leave the two shelves in the machine shop cabinet Tuesday 2/14.

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I left the two Safety Glass shelves on top of the storage frame of the machine shop.

Let me know if this does not meet your needs


They’re perfect, and I in fact found them yesterday and deployed them in temporary locations immediately. Thanks so much!

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GREAT. Very happy to have done it.