Complete newbie! Need help on a necklace project (ATLA betrothal necklace)

Hi everyone! This is my very first post on here! Still getting a little used to everything. Also, just to clear up I am not actually proposing to my girlfriend with this necklace, the inspiration for the necklace comes from an animated show called Avatar the Last Airbender and in the show it’s supposed to be a betrothal necklace.
So as the title says, I am a complete newbie, I have no experience with crafting or creating beautiful projects like I’ve been seeing on so many posts. However, I am eager to learn! I want to make a necklace for my girlfriend. Our anniversary is coming up around May 20th but I’m not sure where to start or any technicalities. My first instinct is to use the laser cutter, but that might be limited to wood only. Or get some of the base work done with the laser cutter and then add additional details with other material, like metals and stone.
I’m hoping someone can help guide me in the right direction! Any advice is more than welcome and helpful!
Here are some pics of the necklace for reference, the first one (animated picture) is the original inspiration for the necklace. I have some ideas for minor adjustments to the carvings on the face of the necklace to make it more personalized. Ideally, I would like to make it with stone, but I would also be more than happy to make it with wood. Primarily I just want it to be durable and last a lifetime!

OG katara necklace


Nifty idea. One thing to consider is using the lasers to cut acrylic.

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Could do a clear flat-bottom glass cabochon and laser engraver the bottom

Glass cabochon is something I considered very early on when I was initially thinking about starting this project. It seemed like the easiest rout and its a solid idea, but part of me wants to make it with something more substantial, something harder like wood or maybe some kind of stone. But I also might not be fully grasping what you’re saying about laser engraving the bottom, sorry :sweat_smile: BUT thank you taking the time out to help me. Please let me know if you have other ideas that I could explore!

But also, this is what you’re referring to correct?

But this is more so what I’m trying to go for

(not this design but more so the fact that its looks sturdy, durable, and something that you can potentially wear everyday)

I’ve yet to take the laser cutter class, I’m signed up for a class in the first week of May I believe. But do you think the laser would be helpful with something like this? With wood as its material, not sure if any kind of stone would work in the laser

I’ll throw my .02 in. There are a few ways to go about this, and there will be compromises. A fully smooth, rounded shape, identical to the images will likely be 3D printed. Or cast from a 3D printed mold. We don’t have metal casting at the space. But aluminum casting is not a huge deal (maybe by May it is).

For similar replication, laser cutting and etching. You could also throw in some sanding to curve edges, then flame polish. The parts will be too small to use on the router table safely.

Another possibility would be fused glass. You can get a microwave kiln for small glass parts for cheap. Pop it in your microwave. There are steps to use a laser to cut glass. Cut some thin layers and fuse onto a cabochon. Cutting with the laser is not a simple process and will take some research. Danny has mentioned the possibility, and there are websites that “teach” it, but I’m not familiar with anyone here doing it.

@Devmani would be a good person to talk with. He’s done quite a bit of cosplay work, and is our resident 3D printing wizard.

Yea FDM would work, one way would be to print one out then make a mold with it then epoxy pour. Alternative and maybe easier way would be a resin print.

Lasers can etch stone and glass. But generally, they can’t cut (or carve) them.

Some stone can be carved with a Dremel and a water-cooled diamond bit. Water is essential. Without it, the diamond grit will easily overheat and burn up. It’s also needed to wash away the dust so it won’t clog the bit, and prevent the dust from becoming airborne which can be dangerous.

Emery cutting disks are also a cheap option for cutting stone, but against higher hardnesses the disk won’t last long at all

Good clarification. By “cut” I mean scribe to snap.

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