[COMPLETE] Help with GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday is coming up on November 30th this year and we need help raising awareness for Asmbly! We are a newly registered nonprofit with I Live Here I Give Here and need to get our profile filled out among other things. I’m not super well-versed in this territory so anyone with any level of experience or interest in learning about fundraising and nonprofit events like this, your help would be very appreciated!

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@Keiarra, I believe this is a realm you have experience in?

I know @mlemon is down to make some social media posts once we’ve got a direction figured out and a solid page for Asmbly.

Yes! Happy to meet virtually or irl to go over a social media plan

Sweet, thank you @Keiarra! Let’s see about meeting virtually with @Jon and @mlemon. I’ll start an email thread.

Hey @Keiarra, I emailed you at the email address you use on Discourse, is that a good one to use? We’re thinking 6:30p tomorrow (Thursday) if that works for you.

I am at Asmbly now. I can shoot some 1 minute videos (what people are making, why they use Asmbly) that can be cross posted on Asmbly’s social media

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That would be awesome @Keiarra, thank you!

If someone on the leadership team could make a 1-2 minute video about what Asmbly does and its mission, that would also be helpful.

1 Minute Leadership Video Template

Hello! My name is Valerie. I am the president of Asmbly.
Assembly– formerly ATX Hackerspace– is a non-profit prototyping and manufacturing space. There are many creative people in the Austin area, but for most of them, buying manufacturing equipment upfront would be a challenge. We provide access to equipment such as table saws, cnc machines, and electronics lab, band saws, and welding equipment for a modest membership fee, and train people how to use the tools safely. This has empowered dozens of members to start and grow their own small business, or just design creative projects.

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Here’s a link to some video script templates that I am making. It would help to build membership (and diversity) if we had a stronger social media presence. To help this, we can make 1- 2 minute area videos demonstrating what we do and what we use to do it.

OK, I can make that little short video, thank you so much for the script that helps a ton! I just shared a Google Drive folder with you via email that we can use to throw footage into.

I uploaded the raw video footage and images that I have so far into the Google Drive folder that you shared. It would be best to post these at an interval (3 hr, 6hr, 12 hr, 24 hr, or whatever is best) on Instagram or Facebook with a donation link that connects to Asmbly’s account.

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@humanmadesf and @thepishopfresno have excellent hackerspace social media, that can be used as a guide. Humanmade leads with in-action photos (sometimes with text overlay, sometimes with explanatory captions). The Pi Ship leads with short-form videos (ex. Instagram Stories) to create daily or near daily engagement and a user funnel.

My thought is that Asmbly can experiment with short form videos and in-use photos and see which has the highest click-through rate to the website.

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Also, if there is an email list, we should send an email to the current members asking them to share our fundraising link on their social media.

It could be something as simple as:
"Hello! As you know, #givingtuesday is right around the corner!
Asmbly is a 501(c)3 non-profit, which means that we rely on grants and donations to continue to serve our community. It also means that funds given to Asmbly are tax deductible. If you or people in your communities are looking for a cause to support this holiday season, please consider Asmbly. "
It could have shocking facts at the top of the email, ex. Did you know that in 2021, Asmbly enabled 27 people to start a new product business? or 58% of our members are small business owners that rely on our tools to thrive, or whatever is relevant/ accurate.

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Thanks @Keiarra this is a huge help!! I have to knock out some solid hours on my regular work today, but will follow through on these this evening and send out these messages. Thank you so very much!

I made this fundraising campaign real quick in Neon that we can use for this - Asmbly Makerspace. I’ll try to spruce it up a bit before sending stuff out later.

Just made the first GivingTuesday posts. If you are a Facebook or Instagram person, please like or share the posts so we can get more visibility! Scheduling more posts throughout the day with the content you made @Keiarra. That is such a huge help!

Here is our GivingTuesday campaign - Asmbly Makerspace