Community Meeting this Wednesday!

This Wednesday!


Easy Tiger at the Linc (off I-35)
6406 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd Suite 1100, Austin, TX 78752

We will have an “ASMBLY” sign

Come discuss asmbly related topics and catch up with other members!


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How long do these usually go? I’m working until 8pm, but could swing by afterwards…

Swing by! I’m not sure. People will probably be hanging out:)

Thanks, Ashley, I will!

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Awesome! I’ll be there!

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Austin Creative Reuse in your map photo looks interesting. All sorts of project supplies for sale cheap:

ACR is one of the greatest stores of all time


Fun! Thank you for organizing.

Thanks for attending! And thank you, everyone for your thoughts, ideas, and contributions!


There was a question that came up last night at the Happy Hour.

When did ATX Hackerspace (Before become official?

Martin Bogomolni said, “I registered the LLC on June 9th, 2009.”

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I’m sorry that I didn’t make it! Work went longer than expected.

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