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Asmbly Community Rules

Welcome to The Asmbly Community!

This is a great place to meet other members of Asmbly, learn what is happening around the space, share ideas, and learn more about people’s hobbies/skills/interests.

There are a few simple rules we ask you to follow while interacting on these forums. Please read the following rules before joining in on the discussion. These rules were created to help keep the community an informative, fun, and enjoyable environment.

By creating an account on the Asmbly Discourse that will be actively posting in the community, you must commit to the following:

1.) Remember the human: Malicious behavior is not acceptable here.

When you communicate online, all you see is a computer screen – you are conversing with others behind a screen without the nuances of in-person interactions. The lack of face to face contact does not give you the right to maliciously criticize or attack others. Remember – there is a human on the other side of that screen. Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life.

Asmbly encourages you to share your opinions while respecting others’ thoughts and feelings as well. Feel free to share, but be ready to hear and accept other opinions that you may not always agree with. Because you do not agree with someone, does not mean this is the place to attack anyone else’s beliefs.

Personal attacks are unacceptable. These posts include, but are not limited to: starting a thread with a user’s name as the topic/title to “bash” them, linking to a thread to call out a user on their post, thoughts or beliefs (not a topic), calling a username out maliciously, starting a malicious or derogatory poll/question about a user, using images (memes, gifs, etc.) in a direct attack/vicious manner, etc. If you’re thinking of using a specific term such as a racial or derogatory insult, think again about why that’s a bad idea, and don’t do it.

Not sure what would qualify as unacceptable? Make sure you can answer NO to these questions about your post:

  • Does this post put down or attack another user?
    Any communication in the forums, even those expressing disagreement or opinions must be delivered in a manner that is respectful toward other users (ask for support, answer a question, further the discussion, etc).
  • Is this post malicious in any way?
    Regardless of intent, posts that contain any mean-spirited content may be removed and the poster may be banned.
  • Is this post inflammatory?
    Posts that contain any hint of maliciousness or provocation of users to gain attention may be removed.

If you answered YES to one or more, the post is not appropriate for the Asmbly forums and should NOT be posted.

If for any reason you are suspected of being malicious towards a user or group, there will be consequences that may eventually, if not automatically, lead to banning from the community.

Asmbly Discourse moderators reserve the right to remove anything or any user we deem inappropriate or malicious at our own discretion.

2.) It’s All Public.

We know you are excited to share all of your news, whether it’s on our boards, by posting your blog or via other personal websites, but remember: this is a public place, so make sure you trust those you are giving personal info to.

It is important to also remember that your username will come up in a search engine if searched - so please, keep in mind anyone can read what you have to say if they have your username.

If you are questioning how much should be shared about something, you are probably better off not posting about it.

NSFW material: Not allowed. We reserve the right to remove any post we deem offensive. This goes for pornographic material (yes, even gifs), vile language, etc. Keep it PG-13.

3.) Personal Information and/or Messages are Not to Be Shared on the Forums.

No collecting, storing or posting another members’ personal information, under any circumstance.

Regardless of what was shared by another member, you may not repost any “real” names, photos or any other identifying information.

Private messages within the community are meant to stay private, between two users. If someone reaches out to you with a private message, this message is to stay private. There is a reason it was taken off the boards and into your inbox. Please, respect each other and keep private messages private.

If you suspect that you have received “hate mail” in a private message, please contact an Asmbly administrator by DM’ing @admins

Any violations will not be tolerated. Invading the privacy of another member will result in an immediate termination of your account.

4.) Reporting.

While we have moderators at Asmbly watching the boards, please understand that not every post that violates the rules will be addressed.

Asmbly relies on our members to report posts you may think are out of line or violate the rules. If you see something out of line, please report it and it will be addressed. If your posts are reported by a large number of users, or a high percentage of your posts are reported, your account will be reviewed by an administrator. After an in-depth review, you may be banned for something small because your cumulative posting record has shown that you consistently contribute negatively within the community. We appreciate snarky and fun, but do not support those who are constantly negative or malicious.

Flagging: The flag feature is there for you to report a malicious or inappropriate post as well as spam, trolling, etc. Do not flag a post just because you disagree with a poster or do not like a poster. If a member is abusing the flagging button, action will be taken that may or may not end in a banning from our community.

Respect and help the admins not by replying to bad comments, but by flagging bad comments. That is what the button is there for.

5.) Be Real.

No impersonating other members, volunteers, or employees of Asmbly. Actions such as these are subject to banning or termination of account.

This includes creating a username as an “attack” or impersonation of another member/username (alter egos/AEs included), under any circumstance. There will be no tolerance for this behavior.

All usernames and their uses are always subject to review by Asmbly administrators. Asmbly doesn’t allow multiple accounts per user.

"Trolling" the Asmbly boards by posting inflammatory or off-topic messages with the intent of provoking members/disrupting normal discussion is not permitted and will lead to banning from the boards.

The Bottom Line:

The Asmbly Discourse and its administrators/moderators reserve the right to remove or edit any posts at their sole discretion.

Any posts that are contributing to a negative and/or threatening atmosphere on our forums will be removed and may result in a warning, suspension or termination of your posting rights in the community.

If you would like to change a username, report a bug or an issue on the forums, or to delete your account, please DM @admins

Remember: this is not a comprehensive list. Our admins and moderators reserve the right to remove anything we deem inappropriate for our forum.

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