Coding firmware for producing 3D printing filament

Hello Y’all!

We are looking for someone who’d be able to write an arduino program to control the speed of a filament spooler to maintain the filament thickness constant at 1.75mm. Higher speed makes the filament thinner and vice-versa. There is a fixed amount of delay (cooling zone, 18inches) between the extruder and the measurement gauge. Take that buffer zone into account as current filament diameter doesn’t reflect the exact value that comes out of the extruder. Also implement acceleration control for the speed of the spooler so that the speed ramp up and down rate can be controlled.

Is this a paid gig or more of a hobby project? Who is “we”?

What sensor(s) are you using to measure the thickness as it’s extruded?

Yes, paid.

It is a Mitituyo too, and it’s connecting to an ESP.