CNC V-Carve Computer

I was brainstorming with another member tonight and discussing the future plans of the space renovations. I mentioned I had discussed moving the computer with the V-Carve license closer to the CNC, to cut down on the back and forth to the lounge. I believe I remember one objection was the noise in the shop being a concern for people who were designing files at the shop.

I wondered if a compromise could go as follows. Move the licensed version in to the shop, possibly sharing the cart with the Linux computer. Also repurpose an existing computer in the lounge and install the version of V-Carve most of us use at home. This would still allow longer design sessions to be kept in the lounge, and also cut down on the trips to the lounge, just to save tool-paths.

Anyways, just an idea we came up with, I welcome feedback.



I think that that is a great idea.

Agreed, that makes a lot of sense!

Great idea!

Would sawdust accumulation on the computer gunk anything up? Is the Linux computer immune? It’s been there uncovered for awhile, so maybe I’m just overthinking.

Anyway, maybe keeping a “tarp” or cover over these computers is something to think about? Or not.

Regardless of my input, great idea

I like this idea. I don’t mind the noise in the shop and prefer working on a laptop near the CNC. I usually need to re-measure something or check a tool while making the program and find it easier to work in the woodshop rather than go back and forth to the lounge.

We had also talked about moving a table near the wall for a CNC workshop table. Maybe the computer could go there with an acrylic box to keep saw dust off.

I imagine the linux computer doesn’t have any special “vaccine” from the saw dust. I think if we kept the second computer in the same area, or on a work bench close to the area, it would probably be ok.

Sounds like there is a general agreement to this idea. I was at the shop the other night, and checked a few of the computers in the lounge. I also noticed a computer under the desk labeled cnc computer, I’m assuming the older one. Is there any computer I shouldn’t try to use to set this up? If not, I’ll proceed with finding a suitable computer and getting the Trial edition set up on it, and running before relocating anything else.

The licensed V-Carve computer has been moved to the computer stand by the CNC router. There is a computer set up in the lounge that has the trial version installed on it.

The cart by the router holds everything “ok” for now, but a little more clean up of it will make it nicer, I’ll work on that soon.


just spitballing here regarding the sawdust. Maybe we can put a tent or box around computers in the shop with a fan and a filter so that clean air is sort of blown around the computer while in use. The air speed only needs to be enough to discourage dust from drifting toward the computer.

The idea is sort of analogous to laminar flow hoods used in biology or in semi-clean environments. In this case I don’t think you would need HEPA air quality, just a cheapo filter to keep the larger particles from settling. Ideally you could use a larger, slow fan. I don’t have any intuition regarding how well this would work, just that I’ve seen variations of it used over the years.

I think the computer will be ok for now. Hopefully once the changes and moves start happening, we’ll have the room to get it set up on a work surface for the cnc area.

Thanks for setting that up @jamesmcnees !

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I agree with James on the dust. The other Cnc computer has fared the storm. Not to mention when I cleaned off the old table with the 3d Printers I came to the shop my natural skin tone and left a slightly darker one because of how much dust was around them.

I like the new setup. Thanks!

I haven’t used it in for a while and don’t see the program icon to run the machine
I tried to find something that works but gave up. What am I missing?

The CNC is still run from the Linux based computer, the computer on the left. The computer on the right is the computer that used to be located in the classroom, and has the licensed version of VCarve on it.

I was on the correct computer but can’t find the program on it. Did the name change?

Should all be the same.

Maybe the flower background is throwing me off.