CNC Training in the New Year?

Hi @dannym

I’m a new member of the Hackerspace and am very interested in your next scheduled set of CNC training courses. I wasn’t able to make the most recent offering as it was already full. Any insights into your next round? Please put me in the queue! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Hey @victorbl! We’re working hard on getting some scheduled and also expanding the pool of teachers for this class so that we have the class happening more often. I know there are several people waiting for the next session on this class, so we want to get this going on a more regular and frequent schedule. Hoping to have something on the books in the next few days/week :crossed_fingers:

Just got a date for next week and are still working to get more. Here’s the event page if you want to register – spots go fast!

Hey @valerie, amazing - thanks for the quick followup! Just booked - thank you!