CNC status 9/2/22

Just came into the shop and found the cnc still completely powered on. Went to use it and it is off the z rail again. I can’t get it back on the rails by myself. Hopefully as more people get here this morning we will be able to fix it but I did not see a post about it not working. Please be kind and post about issues.

Update- was able to get it successfully remounted and cutting.

Thank you for posting and updating. I wonder what happened. There was a CNC class last night.

We did the class last night, it was working fine and someone was using it immediately after and doing a lot with it.

It’s not a big deal to leave it on.

This likely comes from crashing the head (such as Z down into something without having the spindle on). If that happens, you just need to redo Home-All if it hasn’t been lifted off the rail yet.