CNC Spoilboard Replaced, again

The CNC Spoilboard has been replaced. PLEASE MIND YOUR CUTTING DEPTHS!!


Thank you @jamesfreeman for lugging the boards, and replacing them.

aw, now it’s too pretty to use :slight_smile:


@jamesfreeman , you should autograph your work :crazy_face:

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I did make the first cut, so it looks like a spoilboard again!


It looks like something with the spoilboard replacement may not have gone well. The back side of the board seems to be raising up. I can see layer seperations between the old thin top board and both of the other layers. I’m not sure if this is a glue error or something else. It also appears the mdf boards may be bowing between the aluminum supports.
Resurfacing the top board may help for now, but I suspect a more permanent solution will be needed. For now, I would closely monitor your work, maybe consider using a temp spoilboard under your work, that has been flattened before use.

How bad? I was planning on routing a bunch 4x8s sheets for a large cabinetry job this morning.

I’m not 100% sure, but seems to be an 1/8 to 1/4 inch across the whole bed.

I just swung by Asmbly before lugging over materials. It should be ok for my purposes but definitely could create issues for any precision work. The middle portion is raised a bit as well. If leveling is straightforward, I’m happy to do it this morning. Just need instructions. (Call/text me if that’s easier.)

I think the table could use some support in the x direction. I think we should add 4 per section to help stabilize the whole setup. That would be a total of 16 supports. I think we need some slow drying glue.

I agree.

I resurfaced the spoilerboard with remote help from @jamesfreeman. There was a decent sized low spot toward the front center left after running a 1/16" pass that was cleaned up with a second pass at 1/32". I did not try to flatten down to the deep thru cuts left from projects.

There is significant delamination visibly present around the entire perimeter between both the top and bottom 1" MDF sheets and the center 1/4" MDF sheet. The lower sheet is visibly sagging between the Y axis supports. I can see the top sheet move slightly when I press it around the perimeter. I can’t feel it move in the centers, but I think delamination is likely occurring throughout the top and so those areas would move at least few thousands as well.

Note that there are alternating 0.0045" track marks from the flattening bit running back and forth along the X axis. I used a raster pocket toolpath followed by a profile cut around the perimeter. This was my first time surfacing the top and so I am not quite sure why this happened. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions.

It doesn’t need more internal support. It’s a matter of how the bed is being reattached.

Please contact me before modifying, replacing, or resurfacing spoilboard and run the plans by me. Most of the issue is from this being replaced ad-hoc and not attaching correctly to the rail system, and we’re doubling down on that issue by putting more on top. The system is easy to work with.

How would you like to proceed Danny? I don’t believe I received any input when this was being discussed prior. I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say not attached correctly. The lower board wasn’t changed or removed.
I believe this problem occurred because I didn’t remove all of the old top board, and instead left a small amount. It looks like the de lamination is coming from that layer, I may have over estimated the strength of that thin a layer.
However you’d like to move forward, please advise and share your plan.

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Danny can we get some input here. I’d liked to take care of this, this weekend.

tagging @zackg not sure if this interferes with your work.


It needs a thin first layer for countersunk bolts that go into the t-slot nut to establish a secure hold-down, then glue sheets on top. Some odd bolts that weren’t all that suited for the job got put in, they loosened up. I think the access to them then got covered up, and we need that access again. We do need the coordinates they’re at if that was recorded.

All bolts under vibration will loosen over time. The sandwich in this situation is mdf. I have tightened every bolt on the router before. Even bolts that are clamped against metal will loosen with vibration.

A plan has been discussed and is under way. The new spoilboard sections are currently glued and trying, and hopefully will be installed next week. Thanks @CLeininger and @JoeN for the help.