CNC SIG May Recap - 5/5/24


Thank you to everyone for coming out for the May CNC SIG event last week. As always, we have the video link for those who weren’t able to attend right here: May CNC SIG.mp4 - Google Drive

And we have a brief recap below.

The big news was the introduction of vCarve V12, which has many interesting features, such as specific locations where you can tell your tool to avoid (so as to not hit the material unnecessarily), or the ability to create thick/thin lines from only a bitmap (not even a vector file) in vCarve. We also have an end-of-session software discussion where @SteveW (a CNC instructor) has been sharing some interesting new tidbits we may not have known about.

@TravisGood described the thick/thin lines to us in more detail by sharing a picture with us below.

@jamesfreeman went into a discussion about translating the lines in vCarve as well, and showed us what he created just based off a picture he sent into vCarve as a bitmap–pretty wild!

@jamesfreeman reminded us that we must flatten our material not only with respect to the material, but also with respect to the machine–meaning that any slopes created using holddowns (like tape & glue) can create an uneven spot which can mess up your cut.

Jaden showed us his work to put together a graduation present for a family member, and he’s only been CNCing for a week or so!

And also, @SteveW shared with us some of his creations.

He also shared with us the best wax to use:

We had a wonderful CNC get-together and we look forward to the next meeting on June 2nd at 9am in the multipurpose room at Asmbly. Next month’s theme is Stargazing Flatpack Summer Fun. So, somebody google what a flatpack is, and then make it! :blush:This is a free event where we all meet up and share what we’ve been working on, and discuss ways to make it even more interesting.I look forward to seeing you all there!



It’s worth sharing what the Mother/Son picture above looks like after being Sketch Carved in wood.


Ah, thank you @TravisGood! I knew I was forgetting something :slight_smile: