CNC Routing Acrylic?

Hi, I’m wondering if you’re able to CNC route acrylic? If so, could anyone help me cut a 6 ft x 2 ft profile out of acrylic? I’d be willing to pay hourly
Thank you!

Acrylic routes just fine on the CNC. I’d recommend O-flute.

Thank you Danny for the help. If I can provide the acrylic, bit and file of the profile, could you help us cut it on Wednesday? I’d be willing to pay hourly for your help

I would cut it at 18k rpm and 50 ipm.

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do you have a preview of the file?

Here’s a picture of what we need. 2D profile cut of 1/4" acrylic

@apgilbert Are you trained on the router?

I am not unfortunately. I need this part cut Wednesday. Could I be trained before then or have someone do it for me as they train me?

Cool. I can help you.

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Fantastic! Thank you Joe. What is you number? I’d like to arrange a time to meet. Or please text me at 571-289-0064

I texted you