CNC Router upgrades (read)

Inside of VCarve, you get to set the job’s work origin in Job Setup to center, or any of 4 corners (but lower left is the only one that makes sense IMHO).

Wherever you set your work orgin at on the machine will be what the g-code runs from.

You do need to hit File->Reload to see it move on the screen. But that’s just a visual display update- if you didn’t Reload and hit Start right then, the g-code will cut around the new work origin, not the old one.

On the wireless MPG, look at the coords under “WC”, not “MC”.

Thaks Danny!

Halfway through a cut, CNC stopped. Message read: "Unexpected realtime delay on task 0 with period 1000000
This message will only display once per session. Run the latency test and resolve before continuing. "

How do I run the latency test? What should I do?

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Mike Voigt

Curious. The NUC box tests reasonably low for latency, and it hasn’t done this before. I’ll ask the devs about this