CNC router help

Hello all, I was looking for someone to help do a very simple job for me on the CNC router. I am making a chess board and usually with these boards, on the borders, there will be some letters and numbers to mark the squares. I saw a video on YouTube about this and would like to execute the job in a similar fashion, however I have no experience with the router and am not currently able to take the class for it. It is a very simple job, just making some letters in some wood in a row. And I was hoping that someone could do it for me because its just a 30 min task. to get a feel of what I am talking, since we cannot post links in this page, go to YouTube and search up “mtm wood making an end grain chess board” it should be the first video to pop up and check the timestamp from 2:10-4:50 on the video. I sincerely hope someone could help me out with this, it would be a great favor.