CNC Peg Furniture

Been having a lot of fun in the shop recently working on baltic birch furniture! I’m a structural engineer by trade and have been trying out utilizing rectangular peg joinery to make end tables, night stands and desks. The CNC in the shop is incredible, feel like I am just now figuring out the right settings - I’ve been using an 1/8” compression bit to cut 3/4” baltic in 2 passes, and I’m doing 1/2” miter folds with a 2” diameter 90 degree V bit in a single pass. It’s a load of fun and a bit of a workout hitting all the pegs together with a mallet! Appreciate the good feedback and advice from folks in the shop. Very happy Asmbly has such a good setup and industry-grade equipment.


Amazing work! Thanks for sharing pictures

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Thanks! No problem


That’s some aggressive machining. Can you share the V bit you use and the feeds and speeds?

It’s a Keentech V-Groove 90 degree V-Bit, 2" diameter with a 1/2" shank. I’ve been running the spindle speed at 18,000 rpm, 40 in/min feed rate and a 14 inch/min plunge rate. So far only cutting a 1/2" max. per pass and it’s doing it no problem at 1.0 speed climb cuts. I just run a 2D profile toolpath on the line - Also keep in mind that the Laguna Swift sometimes has a speed scale applied to the run that can be adjusted using the y+ button on the controller… I ran into issues before on V-bits not running paths with enough speed before, and because the speed scale was down at 70% I was getting burn marks. I’ve been running everything at the 1.0 speed scale and no problems yet.

Also recommend an 1/8" end mill for cutting out the parts and all the inside cuts. The 1/8" diameter cuts like butter and the sawdust generated actually keeps everything in place. It can do 1/2" in a single pass and 3/4" in two passes (although it would probably work with 1… apparently tip deflection comes into play). Running 16000 rpm, 50 in/min feed rate and 33 in/min plunge rate with a 15 degree ramp using conventional. So far everything’s been cutting out great.



Very cool.

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very curious about this process. You should bring them to the CNC SIG and show them off! First Sunday of each month.

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Thanks for the information! Where is this? I’ll be out of the country the first Sunday in August but it could be good in September to come by, working on some new items also.


Yes, please come to the CNC SIG and show off your great work whenever you’re available.

@AlexSchoedler it’s at Asmbly in the Multipurpose room! Special Interest Groups - Asmbly Wiki