CNC New minor feature- Bump Z

Macro 3 is now “Bump Z”. There’s not a good way to label the button.

When pressed, it will shift Z coord system up by 0.05". The axis will not physically move.

This means when it does run g-code, it will run 0.05" lower thus cut 0.05" deeper.

0.05" is a pretty good estimate for fixing a prob where you don’t get a full cut through. It is also an acceptable amount to overcut into the spoilboard.

Successive presses will keep shifting the Z further.

The Z probe was a bit off tonight, consistently cutting a bit too shallow every time we used it. I changed the calibration number to make it go a bit deeper.


That should definitely be useful. Thank you.

If I recall correctly, one of the macros is “Set Z at the height of the thickness of a sheet of standard paper”. Which macro button is that tied to? And what does the third macro button do?

Macro 1 is x=0 y=0 combined

Macro 2 sets z=0.004" for paper-slip

Macro 3 is Bump Z for 0.05" deeper cut

None use the sel x/y/z/a/spindle/feed knob position

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