CNC home not hitting the limit

Im here this morning and the cnc is not hitting the Z limit on homeing protocol. Any ideas how to solve it? I rebooted everything. The switch is lighting up when passing it but its not stopping the cnc so its going past

Will red tag cnc if i can’t figure it out. Side note what is the effect if the cnc is not homed.

can confirm that x and y axis homing is working

red tagged

Tagging some people for hopefully quicker visibility – @jamesfreeman @dannym @JoeN @EricP @Mollie

@keeganb do you have photo or video so we can see what it’s doing? Does the sensor and metal bracket look like they’re in the right place? I don’t think the machine will allow you to run a program until it’s homed.

I didn’t take a video but when homing the z axis moves up past the sensor. When it passes the sensor it lights up where it would normally stop so the switch seems to be registering the pass. I think the issue is that the cnc doesn’t register that it passed the switch so the z axis continues going up trying to find home

Was the Z axis below the sensor to begin with? Someone modified it from the original design at some point, and that inadvertently added a spot past the sensor that it could technically be in before trying to home. If so, if you started from the Z axis all the way up, it could continue to lift, looking for the sensor, when it was already past it.

If so the remedy would be to just put the axis back and start from a normal height.

I’ll be in to take a look

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I put it all the way down to the table to test that before homing, and had the same issue

Hmm. OK, thanks for the info, that’s stranger but narrows it down. I’ll take a look.

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I will come look at it later this afternoon if no gets to it 1st

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Fixed. Was loose wire.

I wired that up before becoming acquainted with wire ferrules that make connections more reliable. I’ll go through and ferrule all the sensor wires sometime in the near future

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