CNC Fiber nails and oil

Hey guys, just an fyi. The fiber nails are getting low. Not sure where the replacements are. @dannym

And @JoeN, the oil on that nailer worked like a champ, its firing better than ever now. I feel silly for not thinking of that sooner.

I do not know for sure where we keep stores, but we should be ordering multiple boxes at once but probably only keep one spare box in the kiosk.

Did the oil resolve the jamming? That would be weird- I was just talking to UCI Raptor today about spare parts. If it’s fixed, that’s great, please let me know for sure

No jamming after oiling it. We oiled it in the air fitting and also oiled the slide hammer on top.

I assume the oil is helping the seals and lubricating the hammer. I’m glad it worked. It was last gasp before a rebuild.