CNC error codes upon startup

The CNC is giving me error codes when trying to start LinuxCNC. I’ve made sure everything is switched on and have restarted everything five times and the error codes persist. Both the yellow/red switch and power strip have been on every time.

does the cnc computer need to be connected to the internet?

No, it shouldn’t be connected to the internet. However, there is an ethernet cable that runs from the computer to the controller box, and the connector end at the new small computer was flaky, especially since that box tends to shift around. I don’t know if they got around to fixing or replacing that cable, so check that that is attached correctly.

That cable is a blue ethernet cable if I recall.

Yep this is going to be the blue ethernet cable pulled out of the NUC box- a palm-sized steel box in back of the kiosk.

If someone leaves an ethernet cable there, I can replace it