CNC collets scrambled

Is there a way to gauge the CNC collets. They are out of order, and I suspect that metric is mixed with fractional. Almost like the box had been dropped.

The collets should be etched somewhere with the size (metric or SAE), thanx for caring about the details.


Unfortunately size marking is not a universal thing. Most aren’t. Some don’t have enough space on the front face, but all the other faces are for engagement and cannot be marked.

We might have to compare it with a 115 drill bit kit.

Or, well, I guess we could sort by relative order. Like, it would be 3mm, 1/8", 5/32", 4mm

or the markings are usually engraved on the side somewhere

So what you’re saying Danny, is someone cheap’d out on the set they bought. LOL

Lasers can hit amazingly small targets. Both of my sets have the size, etched on one of the facets on the face. Very convenient, when reading while in the case.

Peace Wolf

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Yikes. Has anyone had a chance to rearrange the set?

As of Thursday night, no.

This might be a prime example of owning your own personal collet set. I know it’s not required, but a good back up for when the shop set has an issue.
Amazon keeps a fairly cheap set.

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