CNC Classes this Summer?

Hey everyone, my name is Joshua Carter and I’m only here until August and would love to pick up some CNC skills! I have a lot of experience 3D printing and would love to see the other side of parts manufacturing. Is this possible?

Hi Joshua! Our CNC classes are listed on our Classes page! Looks like there’s still a spot for the June 29th class. There are also classes on the 13th and 27th in July.

We also have one more spot in this special class offering for cutting topographic maps on the CNC.

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I saw the topographic noe and I REALLY want to do it. I will unfortunately not have time to do the other CNC class before that :frowning:

I assume that is a requirement.

Topo was great! But I think you’ll need the base CNC course since the Topo class was a Zoom one and there was no hands-on CNC work via Zoom.