Cnc class zoom link?

I had signed up for the cnc class today and tomorrow. Is there a zoom link for today’s session? I haven’t received any emails about it so I feel I overlooked something. Does a link get emailed out just before class start or what is the usual process? TIA

An email should be sent out with the link. Check you spam folder, its common for it to go there.

To clarify, I did receive the initial confirmation email about the class. But there is no link for today’s class.

That link should come from the instructor in a seperate email.

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I am also signed up for the class and didn’t get the link. I checked spam but didn’t find it.

@dannym can you verify the class roster and send the link to all students please?

Same issue for me. Here for the link

Getting concerned… Anyone gotten a link?

The Zoom link should have been sent to all by now. If anyone is having trouble, please let me know. I’m out of meetings for the day and watching this thread and email.

@HannaKessler @Dpatent @kyle.spafford @jacobbrunson – if y’all can confirm you make it into the class tonight that would be greatly appreciated. I want to make sure this is resolved for everyone. I emailed all of you as well.

I got the email now

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Same here. Thanks!

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Yep, I got it also. Thanks very much!

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