CNC axis points

The other day in the shop someone mentioned that the CNC was acting weird and cutting from the opposite end. He talked through all the things he checked and I was just as baffled. I used the CNC the following day (I believe) and everything was fine. However, today the same issues he was having I was experiencing. I homed everything, set all the axis points to zero, triple checked that I wasnt using an offset in the file but the CNC would seem to start cutting the opposite end. It even showed on the computer screen that the board was lined up correctly when the spindle was moved with the wand.

I don’t have much experience on the CNC intricacies - what could I be missing? Is there a setting that keeps getting selected that causes this? How else can I reset it? Any help is appreciated!

Also, I was having issues with the 1/4 collet - but seemed to be slipping a little

CAM done in Fusion360?
Can you quote the Gcode prior to any G1?

@dannym I used vcarve not Fusion360. I should have taken pictures of the gcode while at the shop as I am not able to open those files while on my computer. I’ll see if I can get the gcode next time I’m in the shop if it is still acting weird. I’m guessing something happened with my file but wanted to mention as someone had the exact same issue.

Can you share your vcarve file and gcode?