CNC 1/8th in acrylic bit needed asap

Hi yall!

I am in the middle of a SX project and the 1/8th in acrylic bit I was using broke last night. I need to cut this project asap and was wondering if anyone had an extra 1/8th in bit i could borrow for today. I am scheduled at 1pm on the cnc

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I may have a bit you can use, but, also, are you aware of


What may not have been obvious from that post by @RDChilders is that SparkTech is local to Round Rock, has quite a bit of stock, and will let you show up for local pickup if you call ahead.


Hi! Thank you for your reply! Joe came through and let me borrow one on sunday, but very appreciated either way! Also thats super good to know

Quite welcome dear sir.