Cleaning up before you go

I got here today, first thing, and there were 3 overflowing trash cans. Cutoffs left at the co-op saw. Dust everywhere. The rest of the trash cans we’re at least half full.

The dust collector for the table saw tripped the breaker. Looking at the barrel, the dust was past the window. When I pulled the cyclone off, tons of sawdust fell out. The cyclone itself was filling up. Photo attached.

This morning was rediculous. The shop should not have been left this way.

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The L5-1 circuit is dedicated the dust collector alone, by design it uses the circuit’s entire capacity. The sanding station later also got wired into the L5-1 circuit and that’s dangerously overloaded. It’s going to predictably pop the breaker if you try to use the sanding station and the dust collector at the same time.

Good to know, but the sanding station wasn’t running. Just the main collector. It tripped in the first few seconds while the motor was trying to spin up.

We will look at tool delay for the vacuum.

@cfstaley thank you for cleaning today, I came in after you and remember thinking wow the shop looks clean today. Because of your great work cleaning I was able to clean the Shark CNC today.

I also complemented you today on being the only person I have actually seen using a vac master while sanding. I appreciate your efforts.

Thank you for posting to highlight these issues. The shop absolutely should not have been left this way. I’m not sure how in depth the Woodshop class has been going into on attending to these things, but I think that’s one area we can step up to stress the importance of these tasks more as well as demonstrating/practicing dumping these in class (CC: @astc @gordoa40 @MMcATX @FamilymanSam @Joshcross @jessemesa). Hoping that bringing more awareness like this can get members into a mode of checking and attending to this more so we don’t need to take more disciplinary action.

Also, it’s totally valid to check these things and ask for help if you aren’t able to take care of it yourself (either in person or here on Discourse).

Thanks again @cfstaley for taking the time and bringing awareness.

Hey @cfstaley ! Same thing happened to me on Monday 1/18. I was the first in the shop and it was a mess (sawdust everywhere, table saw left on with blade exposed, tools and wood scraps everywhere etc). I cleaned everything up after I was done but was hoping that was just a one time situation. Hopefully this doesn’t continue to happen.

@dfell12, unfortunately it does.
It’s easy enough to check the schedule and see who was there the day before. We don’t need to name names, but maybe we need to call it out when we see it. There’s always going to be a time when anyone might leave in a hurry and not do a thorough clean up. But if people are generally concientious, things like this morning don’t get as bad.

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I’m sorry I was there briefly at the end last night working on a small project - Cans were quite full when i got there and I should have taken some out. I will make sure to do that and clean extra next time.

Will also make sure to check the table saw dust collection, completely didn’t think about that. And thank you for all the cleanup