Cleaning Tarkin's honeycomb

We haven’t tried yet, but Tarkin’s honeycomb is high density honeycomb steel, and can be removed and cleaned. I’m thinking my electric pressure washer and Simple Green.

Maybe oven cleaner, but that’s caustic (strong alkaline) and might take several cans, given how much surface area needs to be foamed up. I’d like to try other things first, but it is resinous soot so oven cleaner should work.

Alkaline cleaners slowly dissolve aluminum, but the honeycomb, framing rods, and exterior frame are all steel so everything should be tolerant on Tarkin’s honeycomb. A pressure washer will tear into normal honeycomb really easily and crush the cells, but Tarkin’s much higher quality stuff and with careful application I think it’ll work quite well.

Given how bulky this is, I think it has to be washed in the parking lot. I’m a little concerned how well this will ultimately wash away, but I think it’ll be fine with enough water. I have an electric pressure washer that will fit the job pretty well.

To do that, the shop sink is the only water source, so we’d need to run a long hose out the door. I don’t have one and I think it has to be a fairly high flow hose, pressure drops will damage the pressure washer pump.

The honeycomb on Tarkin is HEAVY, and bulky. I expect it’s also going to be a bit floppy and needs to be supported while being handled so it doesn’t bend too much under its own weight. And also avoid force on the honeycomb cells themselves that could damage them. I need the sturdy steel cart and I’m not sure we even still have that one.

Thoughts? We need to work this out and clean it pretty regularly.